University of Minnesota

Henry Blackburn Selected Letters

Letters reflecting historical issues and events or particularly significant exchanges were selected for scanning and archiving from the heavy correspondence of active years (before email), by year.

Claus on Burchell Shoe Story

Ivy Day at Tulane

HB-Gyarfas re WHO

Garn to Grande
M. Keys family letter from Hawaii
M. Keys family letter from Japan
M. Keys family letter from Teheran
R. Kane to Brachman on Summer Session

Keys to Blackburn post-Makarska

Blackburn, Henry
Fidanza, Flaminio (2)
Fidanza, Flaminio
F.S.P van Buchem
F.S.P van Buchem (2)
Goldwater, William
Keys, Ancel
Keys, Ancel (2)
Keys, Ancel (3)
Nedeljkovic, Srecko
Oglesby, Paul
Punsar, Sven
Rose, Geoffrey
U of London Certificate of Sphygmomanopetry competence
Fidanza, Flaminio (2)

Fidanza, Flaminio
F.S.P van Buchem
F.S.P van Buchem (2)
Goldwater, William
Kagan to HB (1)
Kagan to HB (2)
Keys, Ancel
Keys, Ancel (2)
Nedeljkovic, Srecko
Oglesby, Paul
Punsar, Sven
Rose, Geoffrey


Blackburn, Henry
Blackburn, Henry (2)
Bolin, Melvin
Geo.Burch letter to his former student
Howard, Dean
Rose, Geoffrey
Sommers, Mrs. Ben (1)
Sommers, Mrs. Ben (2)
White, Dudley Paul
Blackburn, Henry
Jay Myers-Keys re Keys travelogue
Rose, Geoffrey
White, Dudley Paul


Burch, G.E.


HB and AK HLT Memo on HB Career
HB to Colleagues re future
Simonson, Taylor


AKeys defends Stamler re HUAC
Baer, Albert
Barry, Alan
Dawber, Thomas
Doyle, Joseph
Epstein, Frederick
ISC ECG Committee Venice
Keys, Rautaharju,Taylor, Simonson, Parlin
Keys, Taylor, Parlin, Shultz
Keys, Ancel
Taylor, Simonson, Keys


Barr, R.N.
Blackburn and Strasser
Blackburn, Henry
Blackburn, Henry (2)
Bruce, Robert
Corfu, Kastelli
Corfu, Kastelli (2)
Denser, Clarence (1)
Desner, Clarence (2)
Denser, Clarence (3)
Desner, Clarence (4)
Dietlein, Larry
Duchosal, Pierre
Epstein, Frederick
Epstein, Fred (2)
Epstein, Fred (3)
Fejfar, Zdenek
Frantz, Ivan
Fejfar and Kagan
Fejfar, Zdenek
Foster, William
Frantz, Ivan
Hamrell, Burt
Hollan, W.W.
Kagan, Aubrey
Keys, Ancel
Keys, Ancel (2)
Lepeschkin, E.
Lillehei, C. Walton
Man, George (1)
Man, George (2)
Miall, W.E.
Minneapolis Tribune Editor
Minneapolis Tribune Editor (2)
Myers, Allen
No Medicare “Party Lines”
Normal Cardiovascular Cohort
Pelligrino, E.D.
Rautaharju, Pentti
Rodstein, Manuel
Rose, Geoffrey
Sayles, Emanuel
Strasser, Thomas
Strasser, Thomas (2)
Strasser, Thomas (3)
Strasser, Thomas (4)
Strasser, Thomas (5)
Strasser, Thomas (6)
Streseman, Jeannette
Technician Reading of Electrocardiograms for Population Studies
Tibblin, Gosta
Tibblin, Gosta (2)
White, Paul
Willis, Park
Wright, B.M.
AK-Duchosal re ISC

ISC Report (1)
ISC Report (2)
ISC Report (3)
ISC Report (4)
Blackburn and Strasser
Blackburn, Henry
Blackburn, Henry (2)
Bruce, Robert
Corfu, Kastelli
Corfu, Kastelli (2)
Dietlein, Larry
Donnelley, Dixon
Duchosal, Pierre
Epstein, Fred
Epstein, Fred (2)
Fejfar and Kagan
Fejfar, Zdenek
Foster, William
Frantz, Ivan
Fraser, Donald (1)
Fraser, Donald (2)
Hamrell, Burt
Hollan, W.W.
Kagan, Aubrey
Keys, Ancel
Kimura, Noboru
Lepeschkin, Eugene
Lepeschkin, Eugene (2)
Lewes, David
Lillehel, Walton
MacGregor, Clark (1)
MacGregor, Clark (2)
Menotti, Alessandro
Meotti, Alessandro (2)
Mozzarella, John
Myers, Allen
Nakagawa, Kyoichi
Nakagawa, Kyoichi (2)
Nedick, Ruttkay
Neilsen, Richard
Nunn, William
Obrien, Lawrence
Okajima, Mitscharu
Parlin, Taylor, and Keys
Pellegrino, Edmund
Pellegrino, Edmund (2)
Plonsey, Robert
Rainer, Gerald
Rautaharju, Pentti
Rea, Ralph
Rhodes, Douglas
Robillard, Eugene
Rodstein, Manuel
Rose and Blackburn
Rose, Geoffrey
Rose, Geoffrey (2)
Rose, Geoffrey (3)
Rose, Geoffrey (4)
Rosen-Keys re SCS and Hearing
Schulz, Parlin, Taylor, Keys
Schultz, Parlin, Taylor, Keys (2)
Singer, Richard
Spungen, Howard, FDA
Stamler, Jeremiah
Strasser, Thomas
Strasser, Thomas (2)
Strasser, Thomas (3)
Strasser, Thomas (4)
Streseman, Jeannette
Taylor, Henry
Tibblin, Gosta
Tibblin, Gosta (2)
White, Dudley Paull
Willis, Park
Wright, B.M.
Zukel, William


Anderson, Gaylord
André Trocmé
Keys, Ancel
Minnesota Daily
Rose, Geoffrey
Ruttkay-Nedecky, I.
Singer, Richard
Taylor, Henry
Varco, Richard
Blackburn, Henry–MN Daily
Blackburn, Henry–Parlin
Dawber, Bryan
Fraser, Donald (1)
Fraser, Donald (2)
Freeman, Orville
Hamrell & Blackburn
Hunzicker, Warren
Lindell, Robert
Menotti and Keys
Menotti, Alessandro
Mondale, Walter (1)
Mondale, Walter (2)
Nader, Ralph
Rose, Geoffrey
Squibb, George
Taylor, Henry (1)
Taylor, Henry (2)
Varco, Richard–LPH Space

1970s LPH Staff Memos
A Memo on Medical Science
Analyzing VPBs
Burchell to Meijler
Canner, Jean
Critique of Frantz MN Coronary Trial
Crow, Dick
Dec 1, 1975
Federal Funding
Jacobs, David
Kudos to LPH Staff
Leon, Art. Staff memos
Leon, Art.meorandum
Leupker, Russel. Community Program Write Up
London Musings
LPH and Smoking
Mayer, Florence
MRFIT Peronnel. Memorandum
Negative CDP Results: Why Single-factor Trials Don’t Work
On-time Grant Submissions
Reply to Women and Claimed Discrimination in MRFIT
Rosenman-Freidman, Type A Behavior and Coronary Risk
The Weekly Needle
Vilandre, John

Kattus, Albert–Job Possibility
Lown, Bernard–The Early Exchange
Mann, George–Still Friendly
Foster, Nedra
Oliver, Michael
Osborn, Elliot–To Editor Of Newsweek
Ostrander, Leon–A Good Critic
Schneckloth, Roland–AHA From Sabbatical
Manager, International Hotel
Mann, George
Markova, Ivana
Mayer, Florence
McCoy, Lynne
McGrath, Peter
Meijler, Frits
Meinert, Curtis
Meinert, Curtis (2)
Mendeloff, Albert
Mesna, Willard
Metelitsa, V. I.

Moore, Charles
Moore, Felix
Moore, Stephen
Moran, George
Morris, J. N.
Morris, Jen
Morris, Jeremy
Moses, Campbell
Moses, Campbell (1)
Moses, Campbell (2)
Moser, Robert
Nakagawa, Kyoichi
Nathanson, Neal
Oglesby, Paul
Oglesby, Paul (2)
Oglesby, Paul (3)
Oglesby, Paul (4)
Oglesby, Paul (5)
Oglesby, Paul (6)
Ohno, Yoshiyuki
Oliver, Mike
Ostrander, Leon
Paffenbarger, Ralph
Petri, Delores
Pribble, Allan
Prior, Ian
Punsar, Sven
Punsar, Sven (2)
Puska, Pekka
Quinton, Wayne
Remington, Richard
Remington, Richard (2)
Remington, Richard (3)
Ringler, Robert
Rogers, Paul
Rose, Geoffrey
Rose, Geoffrey (2)
Rose, Geoffrey (3)
Rose, Geoffrey (4)
Rose, Geoffrey (5)
Rose, Geoffrey (6)
Rose, Geoffrey (7)
Rosenman, Ray
Ross, Richard
Ross, Richard (2)
Scallen, Raymond
Schnaper, Harold
Schuman, Leonard
Shekelle, Richard
Shkhvatsabaja, Igor
Selzer, Arthur
Slovut, Gordon
Slovut, Gordon 2
Spodick, David
Staff Memo, Jackie and Nedra
Stallones, Reuel
Stallones, Reuel (2)
Stallones, Reuel (3)
Stallones, Reuel (4)
Stamler, Jeremiah
Stamler, Jeremiah (2)
Stamler, Jeremiah (3)
Stamler, Jeremiah (4)
Stamler, Jeremiah (5)
Stamler, Jeremiah (6)
Stamler, Jeremiah (7)
Stamler, Rose, Jerry
Stare, Fredrick
Stauffer to HB re Repr.Hagedorn event
Stewart, Gordon
Stokes, Joseph
Stokes, Joseph (2)
Susser, Mervyn
Swan, Patricia
Taylor, Henry
Tominaga, Suketami
Toshima, Hironori
Trocme, Stefan
Tuna, Naip
Tyroler, Herman
Walker, Weldon
Walker, Weldon (2)
Wilhelsmen, Lars
Winkelstein, Warren
Winkelstein, Warren (2)
WWTC Director


Harvey Proctor, W
HB on faculty salary sharing
Horibe, Hiroshi
Humphrey, Hubert
Jeaneret, Oliver
Kannel, William
Kannel, William (2)
Kannel, William (3)
Klimt, Christian
McHenry, Paul
McHenry, Paul (2)
Mitchell, Sheila
Mondale, Walter (1)
Mondale, Walter (2)
Mondale, Walter (3)
Mondale, Walter (4)
Mondale, Walter (5)
Mondale, Walter (6)
Moses, Campbell
Mumford, Lewis
Oley Paul
Otteson, Sally
O.Paul-HB (1)
O.Paul-HB (2)
Peterson, Lyle
Salel, Tony
Stamler, Jeremiah
Stamler, Jeremiah (2)
Stamler, Jeremiah (3)
Weidman, William


HB bids au revoir to Andy Johnson
HB to Buchwald re epi. research in local hospitals
HB to Dean Stauffer re Sehnert
HB to Gillum re MHS Survey Administration
HB to Luepker re his clinical activities
HB to Mittelmark re Admin. responsibility
HB to R Prineas re Site Visit for BP Study
HB to Stauffer re SPH Tenure Slots (1)
HB to Stauffer re Tenure Slots (2)
Luepker and HB define MHHP responsibilities
C.Perry accepts job
Dalderup-HB re SCS Olestra
HB au revoir to Andy Johnson
HB Chat c Sandra Jaffer
HB to Mankato Radio re MHHP
HB to Mankato radio
HB to Pilbeam at Yale
HB to Pisa re Community study
HB to Pisa
HB to Ramsey Med.Soc. re hostility to U of MN
HB-Nat. Dairy Council re ice cream
Oley Paul au revoir to HB
Pekka P to Hb re NK Project
Prior to HB
Prior to HB re Tokelau
Abelson, Philip
AK-HB re SCS monograph
Anderson (1)
Anderson (2)
Aravanis, Christ

Burch, George (1)
Burch, George (2)
Buzina, Ratko
Castelli, William
Chancellor, John
Chapman, Carleton
Cole, Philip + Stare, Frederick
Cole, Philip
Colleague Letter
Connor, William
Dean Ibele-HB re MHHP
Durkin, John
Goetz, Fred
HB-A Walker re Evolution
HB-AHA re Nutrition Comm
HB-CSPI re Hausman book
HB-Dean Stauffer c thanks
HB edits Bonnie L
HB Garrison
HB Geo. Burch.
HB rant at ABC TV
HB re Joe Stokes
HB re Paul Loring
HB to Paul Loring Family
HB-Darwin re Tahoe
James, Thomas
James, Thomas (2)
Johnson, Andy
Kane, Robert
Keys-Hegsted End Letters
Eusterman, John
MRFIT Newsletter

Puska, Pekka
R. Turner HB chat
Sam Moore
Stare, Fredrick & Whelan, Elizabeth
Thomas James
Turner, Richard
Wangensteen, Owen

1982 MHHP Memos

1981 – Blackburn, Henry
Carlaw, Ray
Carleton, Richard
Caspersen, Carl
Cherry, Nancy
Cook, Thomas
Crow, Richard (1)
Crow, Richard (2)
EPI LPH Merger Transition Team
LA Stanford Experience
LPH Meeting Minutes
Luepker, Russell
MHHP (1)
MHHP (2)
MHHP Executive Board
Mittelmark – Carlaw
Mittelmark, Maury
Mullis, Rebecca (1)
Mullis, Rebecca (2)
Murray, David – Carlaw, Ray

HB re Petoskey Chatauqua
Paff-HB re PA experts
Schluderberg re NIH Study Section
HB A Tyroler chat
Congressman Martin Sabo
Bob Wallace and Rick Ward re evolution
C. Trocme re Paque
C. Trocme comments on BP evolution
Elaine Stone-HB re MHHP
Exchange with Zifferblatt re Pritikin
HB apologies to Wenger
HB critique of Serge Renaud
HB kudos to Western Airlines
HB opinion o fsafe cigarettes
HB re AHA Diet and Risk advice
HB re Breslow promotion
HB reply ot R. Turner
HB-Stamler re Tobacco policy
HB-A. Walker re evolution
HB-A. Schuman typical exchange
HB-C. Trocme re HiBP
HB-Congress re PBS
HB HHS Secy re tobacco
HB-Milt Terris
HB-NEJM re Jack Spratt
HB Neurath debate
HB-Rick Ward re Study Section
HB-Schucker chat
HB-Shekelle re Keys Equation
HB-Stauffer re Epi merger
HB-Stokes re MHHP
HB-Stony re Salt
HB-Tobias re South Africa paleo
HB-Vin Weber re NIH Budget
HB-Weldon Walker re Type A
Jukka-HB re MHHP
R. Turner-HB re Visit
R. Turner-HB
R. Turner HB chat
Schoenberger-HB re AHA
1st letter to Stacy—August

Advice from L. Greer MHHP
Bierman-HB invite
Breslow is nice

Bryce Crawford Priestley medal
Buchwald thanks HB
Citation Classic
Classic Stamler edit re PA
Congrats to Jerry Greene
Dawber on analysts vs. co-investigdators. LPH memo.
Gillum to RL re MHHP
Gorlin replies
Greer-HB re MHHP
HB advice from Gorlin
HB advises P. Fleming
HB at U of CFL
HB-Berman re book reviews
HB-Bilheimer re AHA diet
HB-Brandenberg re Jazz
HB-Breslow re Gaylord Lecture
HB-Bryant re evolution
HB brutal critique of PBS
HB-Burchell re i vs P causes
HB chat c Dwayne
HB congrats Don Fraser
HB congrats Finnegan
HB-Congress re PBS
HB re consumer reviews on foods
HB critiques AMA
HB critique of Fredricksen NEJM ed
HB dabbles in paleo
HB-Cheryl Perry re HealthEd in SPH
HB-Dean Gault
HB-Dennis Burkitt
HB-Ed Brandt re NIH director
HB-Elvebakre MHS
HB-Farquhar re MHHP
HB Fregley re Salt
HB-Gary Frazer
HB-Gluek re alcohol
HB-Greewald on MN Epi.
HB-Grundy on AHA diet
HB-J. Pearson
HB kudos to CSPI on Salt
HB moves up in AAAS
HB-N. Briggs re MHHP
HB nice to Lew Cope
HB-NIH re Prev Center
HB OpEd to Strib
HB-Packard re Nat Center
HB promotes RL
HB protests to NIH cuts
HB-Rose and Pisa re WHO Prevention MS
HB-Rowell re HLT Symposium
HB re Hegsted job
HB re invite to Mexico
HB re MS on Hypertension
HB re Petoskey Chatauqua
HB-re Reagan budget cut
HB-S. Epstein re NHI
HB to CSPI re criticism of AHA
HB to Hugo re BP review
HB to K. Greer re MHHP diet
HB to Senator Hatch
HB to Senate Comm. on Dietary Guidelines
HB update to VP French
HB-US re Hegsted Job
HB-Victor H. chat
Hegsted-HB re losing his job
Hitchcock re chit-chat c HB
Letters re review of CSPI book on Diet
MHHP award and pink sheets
NB chats Z. Fejfar
Ogden Confer re Grain Embargo
Paff-HB re PA experts
Stauffer-Schuman re Epi-LPH merger
Terunori Fukumoto thanks


Albert Lasker Medical Research Award Stamler, Jeremiah
All LPH Faculty, Fellows and Administrators
All LPH Faculty, Supervisors and Staff
Anderson, Joseph
Berlin Manuscript, Ancel Keys
Blackburn, Henry Humans in Cages copies
Crow, Richard
Dean Stauffer retirement of Henry Taylor
Dahl, Tor
Data Center
Denolin, H.
Dolliff, Gail
Dolliff, Gail (2)
Dolliff, Gail (3)
Dolliff, Gail (4)
Dolliff, Gail (5)
Dolliff, Uphoff
Dubbe, Albert, Mrs.
Durenberger, Dave
Eikevik Advice On Prevention
EPI-LPH Merger Transition Team
Epstein, Fred
Epstein, Fred (2)
Epstein, Fred (3)
Eustermann, John
Family of Schilling, Paul
Farquhar, John
Farquhar, John (2)
Feghoul, M. Pierre

Folsom, Aaron
Food and Drug Administration
Foster, Nedra
Foster, Nedra (2)
Friedewald, William
Frische, Jean Michel
Froelicher, V. F.
Furberg, Curt
Gaxotte, P. (1)
Gaxotte, P. (2)
Gillum, Richard (1)
Gillum, Richard (2)
Glasunov, Igor
Greenwald, Peter (1)
Greenwald, Peter (2)
Grosgogeat, Y.
G Rose on MRFIT
Grundy, Scott
Grundy, Scott (2)
Hänninen, Osmo
Halvorsen, Dan
Haper, A. E.
Hay, D. R. (1)
Hay, D. R. (2)
HB and Remington Re-Future
Hegyeli, Ruth
Heimark, J. J.
Heyden, Siegfried
Hjermann, Ingvak
Hoffman, William
Holland, Walter
Holland, Walter (2)

How, Jared
Ibrahim, Michel

Jacobs, David Serum cholesterol CVD Relationship
Jeffrey, Robert
Kalevi Pyorala
Kaplan, Norman
Kaplan, Norman (2)
Kawai, Junichi
Kelly, David
Keys, Ancel

Keys, Ancel (2)
Keys, Ancel (3)
Keys, Ancel (4)
Keys, Ancel (5)
Keys, Ancel (6)
Keys, Ancel (7)
Keys, Ancel (8)
Keys, Ancel (9)
Keys, Ancel (10)
Keys, Ancel (11)
Keys, Ancel (12)
Keys, Ancel (13)
Keys, Ancel (14)

Keys, Ancel Editorial Suggestions
Keys, Ancel, Memorandum
Kim, Sue
Kirschstein, Ruth
Kolata, Gina
Kolata, Gina (2)
Komachi, Yoshio
Komachi, Yoshio (2)
Korbelik, John
K. Pyorala-HB
Claude Pacque on salt
Labarthe, Darwin
LaBarthe, Darwin (2)
Lamdin, Ezra
Langseth, Keith
Lanning, Morris
Leeder, Stephen

Leon, Arthur
Leon, Arthur (2)
Leon, Arthur NEJM Manuscript Review
Lown, Bernard
LPH Epidemiology Section
LPH Faculty
LPH Staff
Luepker, Russell
Magrath, C. Peter
McGinnis, J. Michael
McIntyre, Kevin
McQuay to HB
Menotti, Alessandro
MHHP Executive Board
MHHP Executive Board (2)
Mondale, Walter
Mullis, Rebecca
Murray, David
Murray, David (2)
Murray, David (3)
Neel, James
Neel, James (2)
Nelligan, William
Nelson, Kenrad
Nelson, Kenrad (2)
Nelson, Kenrad (3)
Nesheim, Malden
Nesheim, Malden (2)
Nimura, Yasuharu
Oganov, Rafael
Oliver, Michael
Oliver, Michael (2)
Paque, Claude (1)
Paque, Claude (2)
Pechacek, Terry
Perry, Cheryl (1)
Perry, Cheryl (2)
Perry, Cheryl & Mullis, Rebecca
Peterson, Judy
Pisa, Zbynek (1)
Pisa, Zbynek (2)
Preston, David
Preston, David (2)
Prineas, Ronald
Prineas, Ronald & Gillum, Richard
Pyorala, Kalevi
Reid, Richard
Reid, Richard – Steve Sack Cartoon
Sack, Minneapolis Star and Tribune
Scheidt, Stephen, Senior Editor Cardiovascular Reviews and Reports
Scheidt, Stephen
Segall, Ascher
Seibert, Sandy, AHA Slides
Simopoulos, Artemis
Smoley, Mary
Spodick, David
Spodick, David (2)

Stallones, Reuel
Stallones, Reuel (2)

Stamler, Jeremiah
Stamler, Jeremiah (2)
Stamler, Jeremiah (3)
Stamler, Jeremiah, Letters to the Editor
Starr, Fred
Starr, Fred (2)
State of the Laboratory
Stauffer, Lee
Stauffer, Lee (2)
Stauffer, Lee and Donna
Steidemann, Mary, Editor of Contemporary Nutrition
Stock, Ann
Stone, Elaine
Subak–Sharpe, Genell
Subak–Sharpe, Genell (2)
Sugden to HB (1)
Swanson, James
Taylor, Glenn, State Senator
Taylor, Henry
Truswell, A. Stewart
Tyroler, H. A
Walker, Weldon
Walter W. Holland
Warren, James
Wilber, Joseph
Winston, Mary

Vaneslow, Neal
Zabynek Pisa (2)
Zabynek Pisa


Epstein, Frederick and Cook, Leonard
Epstein, Frederick
Folsom, Aaron
HB Grants 1972-1983
HB-L.Stallones chit-chat
History of CV Epidemiology and Prevention Questionnaire
Sugden to HB

HB-Buffler re Stallones
HB to Elaine Stone
HB encomium for Keys’s Award
HB-L. Stallones
HB to Stohrdahl
Surbey to HB

HB to Becky Mulllis re Mankato
HB-Durenberger re NIH Fundong
HB to Stacy re Olive Oil
HB from Zita
HB to Ungerleiders
Komachi to HB
R. Reader to HB
Sokolov’s HeartSavers


A Keys to M Hegsted re rubbish
B. Lown re his Nobel Prize

B. Lewis chats
Burchell chat
Chat from Andy Dontas
Chat from Andy Dontas (2)
Condolences to Mary Sayles
Dar on Stony’s death
Dave Murray to HB
Duties during Luepker leave
HB to Dean Kane re admin
HB to Manton re trend analyses
HB to Maury re Admin MHHP
HB to Maury re MHHP
HB to Maury Admin
HB to Schuman
HB to Snowdon
HB RX on Ornish
HB to Dave Murray (1)
HB to Dave Murray (2)
HB going to USF
HB re Lasker award to LRC
HB report on MSI funds
HB reports a 60 hour week
HB-Leaverton re USF
HB-Leyesmeyer Admin
HB-Leyesmeyer re SPH
HB-RL on RL’s leave in
Div. Admin GN to HB
HB invites Pentti
HB—K.Ring re Fac. evaluations
HB personal to A. Poole re visit
HB personal to Garfield Evans
HB personal to Katia
HB personal to Margot N
HB—R. Readeer
HB—Rougraff exchange
HB to C.Perry re teaching and Japan
HB to GQ re Kolata’s quote
HB to faculty re Pyorala visit
HB to Nesheim re him President of U of MN
HB to Pircher re nostalgia
HB to Prineas re salary
HB-Prudhomme re Healthy Creole cuisine
Hegsted-Keys recon on diet cholesterol effect
ISC Council officers
Manton to HB re analysis
McGinnis to HB
McHugh’ campaign
MHHP Board
MHHP hypotheses
OBIT Stallones (1)
OBIT Stallones (2)
Oganov invite to HB for WCC
Osterholm to HB re teaching
Personal Ornish to HB
Pl Sokolof re his mission
Remington to HB re Grove
Rougraff to HB
Routine from Ornish
RP to HB re retention salary
Spodick to HB re Epi Council
Zimbabwe invite
Eaton-HB re Paleo diet

HB rails at AMA
HB re Berenson woes
HB advice to an editor
HB advice to Cerra
HB advice to staff
HB to Don Bishop
HB exchange c Grudy re diet
HB exchange c PO
HB re GeolBurch eulogy
HB rails at Passmore’s view of diet
HB-Sister Mary
HB & Others on Keys 50th Anniversary
Tahoe Fellows Production
VP Murthy

HB-Carleton re Kaiser
HB-Kane re Hawley Chair
HB-Kane re Summer Course
HB to Breslow re Kaiser
HB to Surbey re Summer Course
R.Gubner chats c HB
Ring, Kathy

AIDS & Sex Ed
An Award for Kathy Ramel
Burchell 80th lecture

Buzzard to HBre NCC
Confer to HB
Cooking al Heart to Zita
HB from Belcher re Frantz Lab
HB c Dean Boen re T faculty
HB chat with H Burchell
HB congrats to Buchwald
HB dream of return to Cuba
HB invites H. Burchell
HB on Grundy
HB on Population Strategy
HB re Barrett-Connor
HB to AHA re Len Cook
HB to Bryce Crawford re NOLA
HB to Bryce Crawford
HB to Buffler
HB to Colin Campbell re China
HB to Dean Brown re Breslow
HB to Harlan re Rossouw
HB to Heminhaus
HB to Hurley on science writing (1)
HB to Hurley on science writing (2)
HB to Komachi chat
HB to Liebman re mergers
HB-Mac Hawley re plans
HB to Ogden Confer
HB to Phil Brachman re a position
HB to Sandra Jaffe chat
HB Chat with Klepetar
HB to Trevor Beard re BP
HB to MacArthur Genius for Barrett-Connor
HB to Zukel re History CVD EPI
Hugenholz to HB
J. Klobuchar to HB
Joossens on Salt and CA
Re MacArthur grant for EB-C
Keys, Ancel
Ochsner Award for Kottke
Pressure from Dewitt Goodman
Recommending Farquhar
Pressure from Dewitt Goodman
Shekelle re CVD History
SPH Admin. re Dean
To and from Kottke
Wm.Buckley to HB

A Keys to R Shekelle
B-Stauffer mutual admiration

Food policy inside
HB-Fiona Stanley
HB-Sobel re Epi
HB-Stamler chit-chat
HB-Steffes re FCC minutes
HB-Steyn re Hi BP
Keys-HB on his 50th wedding Anniversary
Rx on Salonen
Shekelle shows Grundy the way
Stamler to Goldwater re JUMBO
H.Wang-HB re Keys’ health

HB re Foootnote
HB re indirect cost recovery
HB to C Williams re Youth Nutrition
HB-Wackman re collaboration
HB to CDC re CVD Surveillance
HB to F Yanowitz re chapter
HB to Jean Mayer c regrets
HB to NCI re Diet guide
HB to Pat Swan re her new job
HB to Shekelle re history CVD Epi
HB to Syme recruiting
HB to Terris
HB to Vanselow re IOM
HB to Vaupel
HB to Zavoral re AHA Award
HB-Mike White re NIH Programs
HB-Bob Wallace re Maxcy
HB to Campus Club re Wine
Joe Stokes to HB re MHS Site Visit
Lankenau to HB re exercise
Lefant to HB re FDA
R Turner to HB re beans, not beef
Vanselow-HB from Tulane
Carleton to Luepker re MHHP
Div head chit chat
Epstein to HB re mutual admiration
Exchange c Curt Meinert
FORUM More on French Medicine
FORUM re French Medicine
HB exchange c Cam Moses
HB from Tom Mack
HB on Industry Policy
HB on NPR program
HB re new faculty
HB re Sushma
HB resigns as Div Head 12
HB to Bob Odegard
HB to Lankenau re exercise
HB to Lenfent
HB to McGinnis re job offer
HB to MCGraw
HB to NYAS on Children
HB to Osterholm chat
HB to Perlmutter
HB-Fred Epstein re Breslow
HB-J Richard chat
HB-J Richard re MHS
HB-MN MED on Prevention
HB-Pentti chat
HB-Prineas chat
HB-Remington re Deanship
Kane to Vanselow on ICR
Lenfent to HB
Menotti to HB
Ornish to HB
USC appointment
HB ADMIN re ICR funds
HB re Admin minutes
HB re FCC minutes
HB re Vince Garry
HB to A Leon re new job
HB to Adicoff
HB to Art Kaplan re human research
HB to Borhani re law suit
HB to Breslow chit chat
HB to Bruinicks re ICR support
HB to Burchell re Hallberg
HB to Buskirk re Keys
HB to Dairy Council
HB to Dean Med School re nontenure
HB to legislature re support
HB to R Berman re Keys
Goodman, DeWitt

Grimm, Richard
RVL to AHA re Keys Lecture
Shekelle HB Questionaire on CVD History

Al Sullivan memorial (1)
Al Sullivan memorial (2)
Becky Mullis-HB chat
Beginning of the End with Ornish
Blackburn status quo of CVD prevention
Blackburn to Kish c thanks
Blackburn to Lenfant re Digitalis Trial
Burchell to Blackburn (1)
Burchell to Blackburn
Chats with R.Singer re Mortality
Dietary Guidelines
Dunton to HB
Encomium on Stamler
Eusterman-HB re MHHP
Friedewald-HB re retirement
Gardin at UCLA to HB, chat
Gatewood’s good consult
HB chats c Farguhar
HB intro to 1st Ancel Keys Lecture
HB on ref to P Elliot
HB re French MD
HB to A. Tyroler re Low Cholesterol
HB to AHA re Volunteering
HB to Cay Taylor Chat
HB to DeBacker re SPH
HB to E.Stone re NIH policy
HB to FTC re health effects of fats
HB to K. Virnig
HB to VP re Epi
HB-Epstein re AHA
HB-Epstein re writing
HB-Surbey re Dollif
HB Thanks to Toshima
Stan Hubbard on Cholesterol
Essay on Population Prevention of CVD
HB to Kane re Review of Epi
Harper to HB
Hasselmo to HB
HB re Sullivan funeral
HB to Halberg
HB to Hasselmo
HB to Henderson
HB to Holt
HB to Hugenholz
HB to Iso re child TSC
HB to Janerick re industry
HB to Leaverton
HB to McKinlay re EPI
HB to MN Foundation re Tobacco investments
HB to Nat. Academy re Mechanical Heart
HB to Ornish in better times
HB to Phillipines re Thanks
hB to Public Radio re CVD Epi leaders
HB to Sandra J
HB to Saxon Graham re Trevisan
HB to Wackman re Finnegan
Keys, Ancel (1)
Keys, Ancel (2)
Keys, Ancel (3)
Keys, Ancel (4)
Burchell on Digitalis & HB
Buskirk-hb hb comment
Claude Pacque on salt
Food policy inside
George Blackburn-HB
HB-H.Buchwald re POSCH
HB-Norman Cousins-HB
HB-R. Grimm
HB-Stew Bryan
Howard-Henry (1)
Howard-Henry (2)
Len Cook-HB
Letter on PhysAct from HB & DJ
Remarks to the Chancellor
Search for Blackburn successor
Series on quotas for Minorities in Epi researches
Shekelle to HB re Tahoe
Stamler on HiBP even pages


Jeffery, Robert
Keys, Ancel (1)
Keys, Ancel (2)
Keys, Ancel (3)
RL from HB re AHA Council diversity

Foote, Susan
Isaacs, Joseph
Letter to Congressman
Otto Schmitt obit
Terris, Milton
Waxman, Harold


Dagenais, Giles (1)
Dagenais Giles (2)
Dof E. Admin HB-R. Luepker
HB 1st meeting with Bruce Fye
HB bravo for Frits
HB critique of Jeffery on Obesity ms
HB on Geo. Mann
HB to Iso re really retiring
HB to Len Cook re AHA history
HB trolling for a DC job
HB-Dean Joseph re polarizing strategic plan
HB-Labarthe re Tahoe
HB-legislator con state lottery
HB-Oberman overbearing edit
HB-VP Infante re $
HB-Wissler re Geo.Mann
WHO 1955 historic meeting
Keys at Harvard on Med Diet
Shaper reviews SCS book (1)
Shaper reviews SCS book (2)

A rare exchange c Osterholm
Berenson to HB re Tulane
Chat c Gosta Tibblin
Chat with Les Breslow
Chika Kimura to HB
Frits to Howard re Cholesterol
HB chat c Furberg
HB Chat c J. LaRosa
HB Chat c Shaper
HB chats c Jasenka
HB from Janerich re SPH dean
HB Ideas on publishing Epi history
HB reviews Diet & Lipids
HB thanks Shaper for his SCS book review
HB to Buskirk re Old and New LPH
HB to Dean Leyasmayer re being a ‘Good Institutional Example’
HB to Faculty re Patience
HB to Kromhout re Keys
HB to Labarthe re Tahoe
HB to Oley Paul re SCS
HB to Pentti re his new life
HB to Stamler on ECG
HB to U. Admin. re Salaries
HB to USDA re grading of beef
HB-Oley-HB re AHA history
Kish to HB re SCS book
Lequime to HB re Rylant Prize
Pentti goes to Bowman Gray
Recommendation on Mittlemark
RL thanks HB
Shaper to HB re SCS
Thanks from Dean Leyasmeyer
Q for GRose