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A web archive is begun here, with further contributions welcomed, of varied correspondence and documents of historical interest, including selected professional letters of Henry Blackburn. Use key words in the advanced search for the person or topic sought.

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The Makarska Conference 1968. Nodal Point in Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology
1968 Makarska Conference on Massfield Trials on the Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease
ABSTRACTS OF BURCHELL-MEIJLER CORRESPONDENCE 1964-2006 Part 2, The 40+ years of correspondence between Howard Burchell and Frits Meijler
The 40+ years of correspondence between Howard Burchell and Frits Meijler, friends and leaders in cardiology: 1964-2006
Industry Relationships Final Report
Ancel Keys 1984 Regents Award Blackburn comments
Ancel Keys PhD final public examination
Keys-Hegsted End Letters
Division of Epidemiology 1998 External Review
U of London Certificate of Sphygmomanometry
The CVD Dinner — December 3, 1971
Carleton Chapman’s tribute to Ancel Keys. 3 December 1971.
Tables of Early Studies
Current Contents
Stallones’ Odyssey-Summer 1963
Face pages of classic articles in early CVD epidemiology
Ancel Keys Family Guestbook 1959-69 Letters & Memos
Henry Blackburn Selected Letters Letters & Memos
Ancel Keys Family Permissions Letters & Memos
Ancel Keys and Mark Hegsted Letters 1986 Letters & Memos
CVD History references. Minnesota Selected Publications
UGDP. Goldner letter pg.1
UGDP. Goldner letter to investigators pg.1
UGDP. Goldner letter to investigators
Letter to Gubner on UGDP 1978
UGDP letter to Horowitz 1978
Letter to Gubner UGDP 1978
CVD Epi History Archive Master Finding Aid
Early CVD Preventive Trials 1947-1972
Hegsted’s Personal History of the Dietary Guidelines
Early CVD Cohort and Case-Control Studies (1946-1972)
James Watt and Zdenek Fejfar correspondence
Seven Countries Study: Stories from the Field
Makarska Conference Executive Summary on Mass Field Trials in Coronary Disease Prevention September 19-24, 1968, Makarska, Yugoslavia Reports
Labarthe interviewed about field methods for Blood Pressure measurement Reports
Ancel Keys Lecture: Mediterranean diet and public health: Personal Reflections Reports
Joint Publications of the Seven Countries Study (Version updated November 2011 by Daan Kromhout and Alessandro Menotti) Reports
ISC/WHF Council on Epidemiology and Prevention. Origins and history to 1986. Reports
Hill, Gerry B.Commentary: Archie Cochrane and his legacy- An internal challenge to physicians’ autonomy? Journal of Clinical Epidemiology. 2000; 53: 1189-1192 Reports
Early Major Public Statement on CVD Prevention: Time, 1955 Article and cover photo from Time magazine Reports
Holland on the Development of Modern Epidemiology 2007 Reports
Early evolution of Minnesota ideas on human biology, culture, and heart disease as seen in news reports 1940s-50s Reports
Blackburn’s Abbreviated History of CVD Epidemiology in Holland’s Book 2007 Reports
A History of the American Heart Association Council on Epidemiology and Prevention Reports
The Executive Summary of the September 19-24, 1968 Makarska Conference on Mass Field Trials on the Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease Letters & Memos
Rick Shekelle-Tavia Gordon Exchange on Seminal Articles on CHD in Japanese and on the Risk of CHD in Relation to High-density Lipoprotein (HDL) Letters & Memos
Prevalence of Coronary Heart Disease: A Memorandum from Ancel Keys, 4 March 1957 Letters & Memos
Letters from Mark Hegsted to Henry Blackburn 2006-2008 Letters & Memos
Letter from W. Zukel about NHLBI dated June 8, 2002 Letters & Memos
Letter from Geoffrey Rose to Henry Blackburn: The WHO Monograph Letters & Memos
Ancel Keys Memo 1944 Letters & Memos
Harry Keen recalls the UGDP trial of oral hypoclycemics vs. diet and insulin from the 1960s Letters & Memos
Ancel Keys 1953 correspondence Letters & Memos
The relation of nutrition to health: a statistical study of the effect of war-time on arteriosclerosis, cardiosclerosis, tuberculosis and diabetes Selected Publications
The physiology of the individual as an approach to a more quantitative biology of man Selected Publications
The National Diet-Heart Study Final Report Selected Publications
The Health Consequences of Smoking: Cardiovascular Disease, a Report of the Surgeon General Selected Publications
Sudden death in arteriosclerotic heart disease: the case for preventive medicine Selected Publications
Smoking and Health: Report of the Advisory Committee to the Surgeon General of the Public Health Service Selected Publications
Salt, volume and the prevention of hypertension Selected Publications
Principles of Medical Statistics Selected Publications
Pathogenesis of coronary disease in American soldiers killed in Korea Selected Publications
Lectures on Preventive Cardiology Selected Publications
Factors of risk in the development of coronary heart disease – six year follow-up experience, the Framingham Study Selected Publications
Evaluation of serum lipoprotein and cholesterol measurements as predictors of clinical complications of atherosclerosis Selected Publications
Epidemiologic studies of coronary heart disease and stroke in Japanese men living in Japan, Hawaii and California: prevalence of coronary and hypertensive heart disease and associated risk factors Selected Publications
Coronary heart-disease and physical activity of work Selected Publications
Coronary heart disease in the Framingham Study Selected Publications
Coronary heart disease epidemiology revisited: clinical and community aspects Selected Publications
Chinese Lessons to Western Medicine: A Contribution to Geographical Medicine from the Clinics of Peiping Union Medical College Selected Publications
Cardiovascular Survey Methods Selected Publications
Arteriosclerosis: A Report by the National Heart and Lung Institute Task Force on Arteriosclerosis Selected Publications
A study of the aetiology of carcinoma of the lung Selected Publications
A multivariate analysis of the risk of coronary heart disease in Framingham Selected Publications