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This website was developed and supported by the Division of Epidemiology and Community Health and the School of Public Health, University of Minnesota.


The site was first produced by the Digital Learning Group of the School of Public Health in collaboration with the History of CVD Epidemiology Project in the Division of Epidemiology and Community Health, with the following personnel:

  • Henry Blackburn, MD, Principal Investigator
  • Darwin Labarthe, MD, Contributing Author
  • Kalevi Pyörälä, MD, Contributing Author
  • Stacy Richardson, MS, History Project Editor
  • Karen Ross, PhD, Editor and Archivist
  • Frazier Benya, PhD, Editor and Archivist
  • Chamika Hawkins-Taylor, PhD, Editor and Archivist
  • Elizabeth Semler, MA, Editor and Archivist
  • Emily Hagens, MA, Editor and Archivist
  •  Deborah Alexander, Coordinator for the Digital Learning Group and Flash


  • Paul Bernhardt, Director and Editor of Video
  • Li (Liqun) Jiang, MS, Web Developer and Data Analyst
  • Ken Beck, BS, Web Developer
  • Amy Pogue-Brady, Graphic Designer
  • Joshua Davis of provided the source code from which the original slider engine was developed.

In 2014, the original site was extensively revised, updated, and transferred to a WordPress platform by Arrowplane, a Minneapolis-based web development firm. The conversion was supported by the office of Dean John Finnegan, U. of Minnesota School of Public Health and accomplished by John Merritt, editor; Maggie Schmidt, editor; Henry Blackburn, editor, and Courtney Remes, Arrowplane founder and project leader. The transition to and maintenance of the site’s new server is by the Division of Epidemioiogy’s chief computer engineer, Jeff Johnson, and the site content is maintained by webmaster, Carol Wiebe.

External funding for the History Project is gratefully acknowledged from:

  • Doris Epstein and the Frederick Epstein Fund of Zurich, Switzerland;
  • The American Heart Association and International Society of Cardiology Scientific Councils on Epidemiology and Prevention;
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Cardiovascular Disease Division.