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Reflection and perspective are invited, collected, and presented here about the causes, care, control, prevention, epidemiology, and public policy of heart attacks.

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The Medicalization of Prevention: Whither epidemiology, prevention research and program? Perspective
Pierre Ducimetiere on early CVD epidemiology in France Perspective
Keys and Brozek: The Interdisciplinary Discipline of Physiological Hygiene Perspective
Evolution of Cardiovascular Disease Risk Scores. A.Menotti, H. Blackburn Perspective
Paul D. White and James Watt: The Early Vision of CVD Leaders, 1956 Perspective
Chockalingam on Global Challenges for Reducing Sodium Consumption Perspective
Cardiovascular Epidemiology and Prevention in Spain: Balaguer-Vintro, Sans, and Menendez Perspective
Association-Causation in Epidemiology: Stories of Guidelines to Causality Perspective
Critique of Epidemiology: Changing the Terms of the Debate Perspective
Neil Pearce on Malaise in Latter-day Epidemiology Perspective
Sir Peter Medawar on the Nature of Scientific Thought, Process, and Writing Perspective
Luc Berlivet on Medical Science Advanced by Chronic Disease Epidemiology Perspective
Minnesota Priority in CVD Epidemiology? A. Keys Perspective
Michael Oliver on the Atherosclerosis Research in the 1950s in Britain and Europe Perspective
Gunnar Biörk: A Leader Turned Skeptic Perspective
Paul D. White: At the Center and Beginning of Everything Perspective
The Low-Coronary-Risk Male Lives on the Isle of Crete Perspective
Humans in Cages Perspective
Kalevi Pyörälä on the Course of Cardiovascular Epidemiology, 1992 Perspective
Poverty, Epidemics, and Prevention. Bernard Lown Perspective
Evolution of CVD Epidemiology in Italy. A. Menotti Perspective
Epidemiology as a Bridge Perspective
Evolution and Culture in Modern Mass Diseases Perspective
‘Circular Epidemiology’: Re-Analyzing Ourselves to Death? L. Kuller Perspective
The Rise and Fall of Hormone Replacement Therapy Perspective
Geoffrey Rose’s Prevention Paradox Perspective
Theodore Cooper Announces Giant Leap in CVD Research Policy, 1972 Perspective
Credo: ‘If it isn’t fun, it isn’t epidemiology’ Perspective
Why a History? Why now? Perspective
Backsliding in the Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases Perspective
The Makarska Conference Panel on Causality in Medicine Perspective
The Polypill Perspective
Contributions of CVD Epidemiology (part 1): Understanding Perspective
Contributions of CVD Epidemiology (part 2): Laboratory and Clinical Science Perspective
Contributions of CVD Epidemiology (part 3): “Bottom Line” and Policy Perspective
CVD Epidemiology Spreads Around the World Perspective
Darwin Labarthe on the Epidemiologic Transition Perspective
Multiple Risk Factor Intervention: The Concept and Consequences Perspective