University of Minnesota

Oral Histories

Abstracts are provided from interviews with investigators early in CVD epidemiology and prevention research, including many pioneers of the field. To propose other interviews, or to request copies of full transcripts or permission to publish substantial excerpts, please contact us.

Interviewee(s) Date
Blackburn, Henry December 7th, 2022
Vilandre, John March 17th, 2014
Dekker, Egbart October 29th, 2010
Kromhout, Daan September 10th, 2010
Blackburn, Henry August 21st, 2010
Klatsky, Arthur L. April 10th, 2010
Prineas, Ronald James July 11th, 2008
Gertler, Menard October 11th, 2007
Omae, Teruo October 22nd, 2006
Breslow, Lester May 18th, 2006
Tobian, Louis April 6th, 2006
Sans, Susana March 31st, 2006
Winston, Mary December 27th, 2005
Puska, Pekka December 12th, 2005
Hegsted, D. Mark October 24th, 2005
Werkö, Lars September 5th, 2005
Jacobs, David August 21st, 2005
Kromhout, Daan; Meijler, Frits; Frenkel, Maurits; Koster, Max June 22nd, 2005
Ueshima, Hirotsugu May 1st, 2005
Reddy, K. Srinath February 18th, 2005
Cooper, Gerald February 14th, 2005
Glasunov, Igor January 25th, 2005
Ducimetiere, Pierre October 30th, 2004
Kromhout, Daan September 14th, 2004
Criqui, Michael Honore July 27th, 2004
Holland, Walter June 17th, 2004
Lewis, Barry June 16th, 2004
Mancini, Mario March 17th, 2004
Nedeljkovic, Srecko March 17th, 2004
Oliver, Michael March 17th, 2004
Gofman, John March 3rd, 2004
Shekelle, Richard January 3rd, 2004
Shekelle, Richard January 3rd, 2004
Kornitzer, Marcel November 10th, 2003
Wilhelmsen, Lars November 9th, 2003
Julius, Stevo October 17th, 2003
Higgins, Ian; Higgins, Millicent October 17th, 2003
Garn, Stanley October 17th, 2003
Hawthorne, Victor October 16th, 2003
Bjartveit, Kjell; Erikssen, Jan; Hjermann, Ingvar; Leren, Paul; Lund-Larsen, Per G.; Westlund, Knut October 16th, 2003
Harlan, William October 2nd, 2003
Epstein, Andrew October 2nd, 2003
Blackburn, Henry August 25th, 2003
Syme, Sherman Leonard August 21st, 2003
Stallones, Reuel Arthur August 18th, 2003
Reed, Dwayne; Labarthe, Darwin August 18th, 2003
Winkelstein, Jr., Warren July 31st, 2003
Gutzwiller, Felix June 30th, 2003
Joossens, Jozef Victor; Kesteloot, Hugo June 17th, 2003
Schnohr, Peter June 12th, 2003
Green, Jerome May 23rd, 2003
Fox, Samuel May 20th, 2003
Paul, Oglesby May 19th, 2003
Freis, Edward March 30th, 2003
Oberman, Albert March 7th, 2003
Tunstall-Pedoe, Hugh October 9th, 2002
Bruce, Robert Arthur October 3rd, 2002
Barrett-Connor, Elizabeth September 26th, 2002
Connor, Sonja; Connor, William September 1st, 2002
Epstein, Leon August 25th, 2002
Kark, Jeremy D. August 22nd, 2002
Berman, Reuben August 22nd, 2002
Goldbourt, Uri August 21st, 2002
Stamler, Jeremiah August 9th, 2002
Lenfant, Claude July 29th, 2002
Nichaman, Milton July 15th, 2002
Meinert, Curtis July 14th, 2002
Marmot, Michael July 11th, 2002
McMillan, Gardner June 30th, 2002
Morris, Jeremy June 3rd, 2002
Shaper, A. Gerald May 31st, 2002
Fejfar, Zdenek May 30th, 2002
Pisa, Zbynek May 29th, 2002
Dontas, Anastasios May 26th, 2002
Lamm, George May 23rd, 2002
Jacobson, Michael April 30th, 2002
Fidanza, Flaminio April 23rd, 2002
Kuller, Lewis March 22nd, 2002
Friedewald, William March 21st, 2002
Moses, Campbell March 19th, 2002
Kannel, William February 23rd, 2002
Leaverton, Paul February 21st, 2002
Jacobs, David December 17th, 2001
Karvonen, Martti December 11th, 2001
Zukel, William November 17th, 2001
Feinleib, Manning November 16th, 2001
Tyroler, Herman Alfred September 5th, 2001
Goetz, Frederick August 24th, 2001
Friedman, Gary July 26th, 2001
Labarthe, Darwin; Reed, Dwayne July 24th, 2001
Paffenbarger, Jr., Ralph April 30th, 2001
Haskell, William April 30th, 2001
Smith, William McFate April 29th, 2001
Farquhar, John April 26th, 2001
Strong, Jack April 19th, 2001
Berenson, Gerald April 18th, 2001
McGill, Jr., Henry March 21st, 2001
Dawber, T. Royle March 2nd, 2001
Rautaharju, Pentti; Rautaharju, Farida February 19th, 2001
Wissler, Robert February 15th, 2001
Moore, Felix August 8th, 1989
Remington, Richard April 17th, 1989
Keys, Ancel March 31st, 1989