University of Minnesota

“It Isn’t Always Fun.” Memoir Vol. II

“It Isn’t Always Fun.”

Volume II The 2nd 30 Years 1972-2002

A Memoir from a Different Sort of Medical Life

Table of Contents


First Things




Part 1          Division Head, 1972-90

A Generation of Preventive Trials

MRFIT, Multiple Risk Factor Intervention Trial

Minnesota Community Studies

MHS          Minnesota Heart Survey

MHHP        Minnesota Heart Health Program

Part 2          Life off Campus, 1972-90

On Giving Advice

The U.S.-Soviet Health Treaty

The Incredible Edible Egg

Kennedy-Hart and Big Tobacco

Optimal Plasma Lipids

The NIH/EDC Study Section

The AHA Nutrition Committee

Our Beef with the Ag Campus

Part 3          Travels

In Spain, the Rain

A Junket “Down Under”

The Tahoe 10-Day Seminar

A Caribbean Cruise for Science

Berlin Diary

Australia. A Mini-Sabbatical

The Sahara

Part 4          All-consuming Committee Work

The NAS/NRC Diet and Health Report, 1985-89

The NHLBI Advisory Council, 1989-93

The FDA Food Advisory Committee, 1995-2000

Part 5          Emeritus

The Tobacco Trials

The Guns of Viéques

Part 6          Essays, Opinion, and Lectures

Medical Charismatics

A Mann Apart

Failure Breeds Success

Young-investigator Awards

High-tech Medicine

Elegance in Medicine

Evolution and Culture

Dr. Goodhands

A Certain Age

Part 7          Classroom Lectures

Preparing a Grant Proposal

Writing 101

Lab Smoking Policy

The Engines of Epidemiology

Part 8          On the History Trail


Photographs and Documents

Part 9          Encomiums and Eulogies

Noboru Kimura

Joseph Anderson

W. Albert Sullivan

Geoffrey Rose 

Denis and Olive Burkitt

Henry Longstreet Taylor

Victor Hawthorne

Frederick Epstein

Martha Keys

Nedra Foster Conrow 

Ancel Keys

Russell Luepker

Paul McGovern

Edith Leyasmeyer

Jane Brody

Cheryl Perry

Gerald Berenson

John Vilandre

John Farquhar