University of Minnesota

“It Isn’t Always Fun.” – Edith Leyasmeyer

Retirement Ceremony

Gateway Building of the University

November 2, 2000

Edith Leyasmeyer has given most of her professional life to Minnesota’s School of Public Heath. She has kept it rolling in good days and has effectively stepped into the breech in our seemingly forever-recurring tough days.

We are here today to thank her for her distinguished service: three acting interim deanships and one term as regular dean. These appointments were characterized by a consistent, fair, and firm hand, by consensus building, and by effective resolution of issues and forthright advocacy for Public Health.

Dean Leyasmeyer leaves us with a talented, productive, and progressive faculty who are constructively involved with the common weal. They focus on sick and well populations, thus complementing those health sciences devoted to the individual patient. We in Public Health are uniquely involved with the socio-cultural origins and population preventives of common illnesses rather than with microbiology and the medical care of the individual.

We now have a renewed opportunity to address the problems facing the school and the priorities of the reorganized Academic Health Center. I believe an institution that recognizes and rewards the balance and interaction of population and prevention science with clinical and bench sciences is one most likely to succeed in its larger health mission.

Edith has carried the banner for Public Health. We know that she will continue to serve the community in some fashion because that is her calling. Meanwhile, Edith, we want you to leave in great peace of mind that others will now bear your burden. We thank you for your devoted labors for us. We wish you a well-deserved respite, a rich retirement, and a stimulating change of scene.       

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