University of Minnesota

The CVD Dinner — December 3, 1971

Ancel Keys addresses the assembled subjects of the MN Business and Professional Men Study, the “CVD Men,” or “guinea pigs.” The assembly on 3 December 1971 ​was ​prior to Keys’s retirement ​announced for​ June 1972 and ​was ​some 24 years after the opening of th​is​ first CVD epidemiology cohort study.  

Keys’s talk is a model of clear communications to an intelligent lay audience. It is also the only recorded source of Keys’s “explanation” for the inadequate sample size and of the selection criteria for the study. ​Keys makes no reference to his impending formal retirement at the University of Minnesota, despite the major encomium honoring Keys by Carleton Chapman delivered on the same 1971 occasion. ​

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