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These systematic summaries cover the early epidemiological studies and prevention trials, begun mainly before the mid-1970s. Submissions are welcome of other relevant study descriptions from that early period, along with additions or corrections to existing summaries.

References to the defining publication of each of these early studies are found in table form by clicking here.

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  • Study Category: The Prevention Trials (1946-1973)
Title Year(s) Principal Investigator
Anti-Coronary Club Trial 1957 Christakis, G.
Bierenbaum St. Vincent’s Hospital Study 1959 Bierenbaum, M.L.
British MRC Soya-Bean Oil Trial 1960 British Medical Research Council
Coronary Drug Project (CDP) 1966 Coronary Drug Project Research Group (Stamler, J. chariman)
Finnish Mental Hospital Trial 1959 - 1971 Turpeinen, O.
Goteborg Multifactorial Primary Prevention Trial 1970 Wilhelmsen, Lars
Hypertension Detection and Follow-up Program (HDFP) 1970 Hypertension Detection and Follow-up Program Cooperative Group
Lipid Research Clinics (LRC) Coronary Primary Prevention Trial 1973 Lipid Research Clinics Program
Morrison Diet-Heart Study 1946 Morrison, Lester M.
Multifactorial CVD Prevention Trial in Helsinki Businessmen 1964 Standberg, T.E.
Multiple Risk Factor Intervention Trial (MRFIT) 1972 Multiple Risk Factor Invervention Trial Group
National Diet Heart Study 1962 National Diet Heart Group
Oslo (Leren) Diet-Heart Study 1957 Leren, Paul
Oslo Study of Diet and Anti-Smoking Advice 1972 Hjermann, Ingvar
Scottish Society of Physicians Clofibrate Trial 1964 Research Committee of the Scottish Society of Physicians
Stockholm Prevention Trial with Clofibrate and Niacin 1972 Carlson, L.A.
United Airlines Study 1966 Krasno, L.R.
University Group Diabetes Program (UGDP) 1960 University Group Diabetes Program Group
VA Cooperative Study on Atherosclerosis 1962 Veterans Administration Cooperative Study Group
VA Cooperative Study on Hypertension 1962 Freis, Edward
Wadsworth Veterans Administration Domiciliary Hospital Study 1959 Dayton, S.
WHO Collaborative Trial of Multifactorial Prevention 1970 WHO European Collaborative Group (Rose, G. chairman)
WHO Cooperative Clofibrate Trial 1962 Committee of Principal Investigators (M. Oliver Chairman)