University of Minnesota

Ancel Keys Retirement Event, May 1972. Letters from colleagues and subjects.

Ancel Keys was retired for age (67!) in 1972. These letters reached him, mainly from those who could not attend the campus tea in his honor. Many came from the Twin Cities subjects of the MN Business and Professional Men’s Study begun 25 years earlier. Their letters were repetitious: congratulations and wishes for his retirement and incredulous that he would really retire; gratitude for his personal interest in their health and well-being–even thanking him for “saving their lives” in some cases, and unsolicited advice on retirement activities and happiness! 
Letters from his professional colleagues were more varied and thoughtful, usually indicating respect and admiration and gratitude for his career and collegiality and attesting to his uniquely broad skills and contributions. 
Particular historic comments and anecdotes are abstracted and quoted on the page below. The quotes are accurate. 

The letters whole are accessible by clicking “Download the documents.” (Henry Blackburn)