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Group Interview

Jozef Victor Joossens

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Hugo Kesteloot

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Year: June 17th, 2003
Interviewed by: Blackburn, Henry


I met with these two pioneers of chronic disease epidemiology and prevention research under largely social conditions and we chatted mainly about personalities.
Prof. Joossens told, however, of his interest in mathematics from an early age, leading to his effective exploitation of mortality data and birth cohorts in the study of the causes and trends of CVD and cancer deaths.

Our only quote below is one that other colleagues have talked about, the remarkable trends downward in CVD deaths in Flemish compared to French parts of Belgium and their analysis that their long-term collaboration probably influenced those favorable area trends.


K: is a fact that Belgium is doing very well and that to our satisfaction we are convinced that we contributed to that. I am convinced that we contributed to that. There’s no reason why we should do better than the Netherlands other than our presence there.

J: We were very amazed of the improvement in…

K: Belgium and Flanders.

J: And in Flanders. Also, not only that, but at high level, but they did come down on the

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