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The Mediterranean Diet and Ancel Keys

This 2018 video interview of Henry Blackburn at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health was prepared among a series made for the UNESCO celebration of the Mediterranean Diet as an Italian cultural heritage and it appeared on Italian TV in 2018 and ’19. The interview was carried out in Minneapolis by Rossella Galletti for Dr. Elisabetta Moro of the MedEat Research Center Center for Social Research on the Mediterranean Diet in Naples, Italy.
The subject matter deals mainly with the effects of research findings on the global understanding of the health associations with the Mediterranean eating pattern. This was an outcome of the Seven Countries Study, an unique prospective study of habitual diet and heart attack rates in whole populations of men (12,700 men ages 40-59) in 16 communities with contrasting traditional diets, men first examined in the 1950s and ’60s and then followed for 50 years. (HB)


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