University of Minnesota

“If It Isn’t Fun.” – The Last Days of Internship

It has been a wild month at Wesley Memorial, running after the attending psychiatrists, trying to give solace to patients and families, and letting off steam at night by partying hard. I will miss Elsessions with Hap Arnold, Tom Craigmile, and Jerry Rainer particularly, out of our very strong bunch of interns. Suddenly, in one day, with the annual house-staff turnover of July 1, the place has changed; strange names come over the pager, new faces appear in the intern’s quarters, and one is no longer a part of the scene. Weird feeling. And time to go.

There have been a mad two days off with Jeanie in Racine for the wedding of Hap Arnold and Sue Cahoon. We wonder if we’ll ever see each other again. Now, I go on to Miami, Anna Maria, Cuba, and then off to Gay Paree.

I long ago agreed with my father to help his missionary friend, Garfield Evans, set up a series of church-supported clinics in the hinterlands.

So I leave for Cuba full of hope and anticipation, my pockets stuffed with free hospital samples of the new and more useful medications, mainly antibiotics.

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