University of Minnesota

“If It Isn’t Fun.” – Medical School Journal Resumes Pt. 2

June 1, 1946

To start with, my diagnostic acumen as a junior is nothing to brag about. So far, I have missed diagnoses of tuberculous pericarditis, nutritional edema, coronary disease, and diabetes; this largely through misdirected queries, preconceived ideas, and snap conclusions. I will have to find greater objectivity and deliberation.

In contrast, I’m becoming quite proficient at venipuncture.

My last patient has active pulmonary TB and I suspect that I may be developing pthysiphobia as I work on the wards of Breaux Chest Pavilion at Charity Hospital. Somehow I’m confident that I would muster the fortitude to take something bad if it should ever arise, such as getting TB.

In the news, the newly formed United Nations is beginning to act haltingly.

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