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“If It Isn’t Fun.” – Current Reading

March, 1950

While simultaneously reading these days Will Durant’s “The Story of Philosophy,” and Joshua Liebman’s “Peace of Mind.“

Corliss Lamont in “Humanism as a Philosophy,” quoted Diderot, full of the savage spirit of the French Revolution: “Man will never be free until the last king is strangled in the entrails of the last priest!”

Evelyn Waugh: “A Handful of Dust: “ A bourgeois Englishman in the tropics faces a maddening prolonged confinement with a lunatic.

H. G. Wells: “The Brothers,” Identical twins lead opposing political forces of the left and right. In the end, they discover that their ideas are identical, but die before they can reconcile.

Joseph Conroy: “Victory:“ Love and violence in the tropics.

Also reading: “Footloose in France,” “From a Paris Garret,” and “The Rubaiyat.”

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