University of Minnesota

Henry Blackburn Memoirs

Memoirs of a Different Kind of Medical Life.
These memoirs cover the preparation for and the practice of one person’s career in the science and public health of prevention with interest focused on heart and blood vessel diseases, that is: Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Epidemiology. This collection of writings ‘imposes’ personal as well as professional experience and attitudes that emanate from one individual in one center, a division of the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, but with a global range of collaborations in research and public health policy. Thus, expectation of and indulgence for a very different content and tone from the rest of this CVD History Website will be needed.

Welcome to two 30-year periods: the first solely in research, happily concluding that: ‘If it isn’t fun, it isn’t epidemiology!’–and the second, as a department head, finding that: ‘It isn’t always fun!’ The content of both segments is quite different from the rest of this history website. Caveat lector! (HB)

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