University of Minnesota

Sydney Pell, PhD

Born: 1922

Sydney Pell was co-investigator with C.A. D’Alonzo of one of the early CVD epidemiological studies using the immense cohort of Du Pont Company employees. They produced among the earliest and strongest reports of the force of risk factors and the vagaries of coronary disease incidence in the United States.

Pell was educated at City College in New York City and received a PhD from the University of Pittsburgh in 1956, then worked as manager or consultant of the epidemiology section of DuPont until 1985. His career since has been as consultant to the Delaware State Division of Public Health.

In addition to the first good information on coronary incidence in a real-world population, Pell and colleagues established the validity and usefulness of health claims data for studying morbidity. He has been a national leader in occupational medicine as well as CVD epidemiology. (HB)

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