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Teruo Omae, MD, PhD

Born: 1926

Omae is a pioneer in CVD Epidemiology in Japan, with primary contributions in hypertension from the Hisayama Study, noted for its follow-up with 80 percent autopsies over 45 years.

He graduated from Kyushu University School of Medicine and spent 1957 to 1960 studying with Irvine Page at the Cleveland Clinic before taking direction of the Hisayama Study from its founder Professor Katsuki. For many years he was with the Japanese National Cardiovascular Center, first as Director of Hospital and then, from 1984 to 1995, as President. He chaired the 12th Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Hypertension in 1988 and the International Conference on Preventive Cardiology in Osaka in 2001, and organized the International Stroke Society and served as its Secretary Treasurer (1989-2000).

Since retirement from the National Center he has served as Director of the Health C&C Center in Hisayama Town in Kyushu. (HB)


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