University of Minnesota

Risteard Mulcahy, MD

Born: 1922

Professor Mulcahy is the pioneer preventive cardiologist of the Irish Republic. Educated at University College Dublin and St. Vincent’s Hospital, he was cardiologist there from 1950-1988, becoming founder and president of the Irish Heart Foundation, President of the Irish Medical Association, and Chairman of the British Cardiac Society.

Mulcahy’s interest was the natural history of coronary disease and he remained a practicing cardiologist while spawning population studies and community prevention programs, introducing a cadre of Irish and UK trainees to cardiovascular disease epidemiology and cardiac rehabilitation. He wrote widely for the popular literature on heart disease prevention and had hobbies including trees and a book about them: “For Love of Trees.” He consults widely in retirement.

Mulcahy’s sanguine view of life and CVD epidemiology and prevention comes through in this personal note:

“We were lucky; we lived at the best time and we could not have found more congenial and gifted colleagues during our active years. Was there ever such a constructive occasion as that of cardiovascular epidemiology? It was a particular gift for me because I shared this occasion with a deep interest in clinical cardiology and in my close contact with patients. It should be easy to face adversity as one has had so many consolations in this life. Like yourself, I have led a full life and enjoyed it hugely.” (HB)


Risteard Mulcahy to Henry Blackburn, April 6, 2005.

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