University of Minnesota

Arthur S. Leon, MD

Born: 1931

Leon is a pioneer in studies of the role and mechanisms of exercise in the cause and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. He was first educated at the University of Florida, then received an MS and MD from the University of Wisconsin in 1957, and subsequently trained at the Lahey Clinic in Boston.

He was centrally involved with most of the major preventive trials in cardiovascular disease (CVD) research, including the Lipid Research Centers, MRFIT, POSCH, and Treatment of Mild Hypertension. His lifelong research theme is the effect of exercise strategies including strength training on the prevention and control of obesity. His latter contributions are in the Heritage Family Study of the interaction among genetic mechanisms and energy in the cause and prevention of obesity.

Arthur Leon has contributed to or led many of the major U.S. reviews and public documents on the role of physical activity in CVD. He directs a graduate training program continuing the traditions of the Laboratory of Physiological Hygiene. (HB)


Henry Blackburn

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