University of Minnesota

Ronald M. Lauer, MD

1930 — 2007

Ron Lauer was a pioneer in Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) epidemiology and prevention among youth. He was educated at the University of Manitoba where he received his MD in 1954. He then took a pediatric residency at Pittsburgh. He was professor and director of pediatric cardiology and preventive medicine at the University of Iowa since 1968, and a founder of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Professor Lauer was noted in CVD epidemiology for his founding with William Connor and then directing the Muscatine Study of CVD risk in children, the earliest such cohort study, for his long term study of a large population of youth with atrial and ventricular septal, and AV canal defects, and for his textbook: Pediatric Prevention of Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease, edited by Ronald M. Lauer, Trudy L. Burns and Stephen R. Daniels. Oxford University Press. (HB)



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