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Nodar Kipshidze, MD


Name: Nodar

Surname: Kipshidze

Date and place of birth: 10 October 1923

Address (work): 3, Chachava St., Tbilisi

Higher Education:

  • 1941-1946: Medical Faculty, Tbilisi State Medical Institute, Physician.

Scientific degree and title:

  • 1949-1951: Postgraduateship at the Research Institute of Surgery
  • 1952: Candidate of Medical Sciences
  • 1963: Doctor of Medical Sciences
  • 1963: Professor
  • 1975: Corresponding Member of the Russian Scientific Academy
  • 1988: Member of the Russian Medical Scientific Academy
  • 1996: Academician of the Georgian Academy of Sciences
  • 1994: Member of the New York Medical Academy
  • 1995: Member of the American College of Cardiologists
  • 1982: Honorary Member of the German Society of Therapy and Cardiology
  • 1966 Member of the Swedish Medical Scientific Society

Positions held:

  • 1953-1957: Assistant Professor of the Chair of Therapy at the Tbilisi Institute of Advanced Medical Studies
  • 1957-1959: Director of the Department of Biology and Pharmacology of the UNO; Expert on Vessels
  • 1959-1960: Assistant Professor of the Chair of Therapy, Tbilisi Institute of Advanced Medical Studies
  • Since 1960: Director of the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Therapy

Sphere of scientific interests: Clinical and experimental research into the etiopathogenesis of atherosclerosis; viral myocarditis; dilatational and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy; modifying the treatment of the ischemic disease of the heart; including heli-neon and laser therapy; gerontology, combined therapy of endogenic and exogenic hypercholesterolemia.

Number of published works: 724

List of principal scientific works

  1. Renin-angiotensin system activity in hypertension patients. Young scientists conference. Bakuriani, 1977
  2. The management of acute myocardial infarction patients. Tbilisi, 1979
  3. Dynamics of intravascular circulation in coronary heart disease patients. Moscow, 1983
  4. Genetics aspects of coagulopathy tendency. Tbilisi, 1985
  5. Hemostasis system evaluation in CHD patients and their relatives. Tbilisi, 1987
  6. Lipid metabolism in persons with CHD heredity. Tbilisi, 1987
  7. Hemostasis system indicators in CHD prognosis. Tbilisi, 1987
  8. Comparative evaluation of intravascular coagulation in CHD patients and their relatives. Tbilisi, 1987
  9. Some questions of CHD primary prevention, Tbilisi, 1987
  10. Comparative evaluation of intravascular coagulation in CHD patient and their relatives. Kirgizia, Frunze, 1987
  11. Fibrinolysis research in atherosclerosis heredity persons. Russia, Yalta, 1988
  12. Family heredity as a CHD risk factor. Tbilisi, “Sabchota meditsina”, 1989
  13. An experience of mathematic model use in clinical and experimental medicine, Tbilisi, 1990
  14. Hemostasis system in elderlies, Tbilisi, 1990
  15. CHD high risk screening. Symposium working group epidemiology and prevention. European Society of Cardiology, final program, Belgium, 1992
  16. CHD and blood groups. Tbilisi, 1992
  17. Fibrinogen level in ageing patients with CHD, congress of the Intern. Ass. of Gerontology, 1998
  18. Healthy ageing. Monograph, Tbilisi, 1999
  19. Dislipidemia in the elderly with CHD. Berlin, 1999
  20. Adaptation of wall functional activity in young smokers in cold altitude climatic zone. RTO, NATO, Germany, Dresden, 2001
  21. The vessel wall functional activity in CHD anamnesi

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