University of Minnesota

Igor Glasunov, MD, PhD

Born: 1933

Professor Glasunov has led Russian and international studies and policy in CVD epidemiology and prevention from the 1960s.

He received his MD from the Second Medical Institute in Moscow in 1956 and his PhD (on lipids, nutrition, and coronary disease) in 1962. Following his training in epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in 1964 he headed the Laboratory of Social and Preventive Cardiology, USSR Cardiology Research Centre, Moscow, after which he directed the Division of Noncommunicable Disease at WHO and then for some years developed WHO Europe’s Integrated Intervention programs from the WHO Regional Office in Copenhagen. He now heads disease prevention in the Russian National Center of Preventive Medicine and remains active on many boards of European and international cardiology and epidemiology.

Glasunov’s contributions extend from observational studies to clinical trials, to community interventions and risk factor surveillance, and to national and international prevention policy for public health. He accomplished much through an era of great change and turmoil, always effective and above the fray. (HB)


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