University of Minnesota

Menard Gertler, MD

1920 — 2015

Dr. Gertler received his undergraduate education at the Univversity of Saskatchuwan, and his M.D. at McGill, then trained and collaborated with Paul Dudley White at Massachusetts General Hospital, finishing his career of many years at Weill Cornell Medical Center. He is a pioneer in CVD epidemiology from his involvement with theearly case-control study, Coronary Disease in the Young, which he managed and analyzed in collaboration with Paul White, Boston cardiologist, and Stanley Garn, anthropologist. He was responsible for putting it on a firm basis for data collection, for collecting the control subjects, and for probably the earliest development of multivariate regression for prediction. He also reviewed the field, analyzed others’ contributions, and converted the study into a 25-year prospective one of the cohort, all published in classic monographs referenced below.

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