University of Minnesota

Manning Feinleib, MD, MPH, Dr.PH

Born: 1935

Dr. Feinleib has a long and distinguished career in CVD and other areas of epidemiology. He is a native of Brooklyn, New York and received his MD from State University of New York in 1961.

Dr. Feinleib served at NIH from 1966 to 1982, including heading the Epidemiology Branch of NHLBI where he played a central research administrative role in Framingham and other NIH projects. In 1983 he became director of the National Center for Health Statistics where he worked until retirement in 1995. Since retirement he is Research Professor for the Institute of Health Care Research and Policy at Georgetown University and Senior Research Scientist for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Over the years Feinleib made central contributions to the analysis of disease trends and their explanation, of twin studies, and of the associations of low blood cholesterol values. He wrote editorials about institutional review boards and on ethics in research, about statistical requirements of publications, about sex, geographic, and sociocultural health differences and disparities, and about community interventions, and he posed new hypotheses about the effects of salicylates in foods, all indicative of his catholic interests. He has been a major leader and intellectual stimulus and effective research administrator throughout a long career. (HB)


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