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Jan Erikssen, MD

Born: 1933

Jan Erikssen and his chief Ole Storstein organized and conducted the Rikshospital Study, a prospective study of a large cohort of apparently healthy middle-aged men working in industry and governmental agencies in Oslo. At the baseline in 1972-74, the age-specific prevalence of latent coronary heart disease was assessed according to criteria validated in a substudy with coronary angiography. The original cohort was re-examined three times over a period of 20 years with complete follow-up on cause-specific mortality and hospital admissions, providing a rich source on factors associated cardiovascular disease risk.

Erikssen was educated at the University of Oslo and received his MD degree in 1958 and DMed Sc degree in 1978, and then was trained in internal medicine and cardiology at the Medical Department B, Riskhospitalet. He was Professor and Head of the Department of Medicine at the Central Hospital of Akershus, University of Oslo, from 1985 until his retirement in 2004. (KP)


Kalevi Pyorala

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