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Pierre Ducimetiere, PhD


Pierre Ducimetiere considers himself “a polytechnician without honest vocation.” He and Jean Richard are the pioneer investigators in formal cardiovascular epidemiology in the French-speaking world. His mentors include Daniel Schwartz, professor of Statistics at Villejuif and Professor Jean Lenegre, leading French cardiologist.

His research has been based at INSERM (Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale) in Paris. Ducimetiere was co-principal investigator of the Paris Prospective Study, which examined cardiovascular disease incidence and risk among civil servants and of the Paris unit of MONICA, which put the so-called French Paradox into clear context: incidence of coronary disease in regions of France are coincident with those of their close neighbors, whether southern, eastern or northern, and are not anachronistically low.

Ducimetiere is now co-principal investigator of collaborative population researches throughout Europe and the United Kingdom. (SS)


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