University of Minnesota

John M Chapman, MD


John M. Chapman was a pioneer of CVD epidemiology as the founder and principal of the Los Angeles Heart Study among civil servants, which was among the first half-dozen CVD cohort studies initiated and carried to completion with multifactor analysis of risk factors. His main collaborators were social scientists and analysts; Frank Massey, Anne Coulson, and Leo Reeder.

The many contributions of that study included the trends and causes of hypertension and observer variation in its measurement, and hemoglobin as a CHD risk factor. He worked with Ed Borun on the sensitivity and specificity of three-dimensional (Frank lead) electrocardiography compared to conventional, concluding that it was more sensitive and less specific but that more study was needed [the orthogonal leads have since largely been abandoned].

Chapman and Coulson served actively on the American Heart Association Pooling Project with the LA Heart Study participating in that early systematic summary of early prospective studies in the U.S. (HB)