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June 2010 – Health of Military Families

  • Military Families: Diverse and Unique
  • The Health of Women in the U.S. Military
  • Homeless on the Homefront: Who Are Our Homeless Veterans?
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder: Uncertain
  • Estimates of Prevalence Medical Benefits for Service Members and Their Families
  • Sexual Stressors among Military Personnel
  • What’s Love Got to Do with It? Sexual Orientation and Military Service
  • New Perspectives: Changing Policies for Military Families
  • Stigma and Service-related Traumatic Brain Injuries: Experiences of Caregivers

December 2009 – Early Childhood Mental Health

  • Screening of Young Children
  • Evidence-based Practice
  • Systems of Care
  • Early Childhood Family Education
  • Mental Health Disparities in Early Childhood
  • Early Childhood Interventions
  • Traumatized Young children
  • Building Ingrastructure to Meet Developmental Needs
  • Family Home Visiting
  • Competency-based Training and Endorsement
  • Experts and Resources

March 2008 – Fatherhood

  • Fathering in Diverse Social Contexts
  • Promoting the Importance of Healthy Fatherhood
  • Family Structure and Father Involvement in Low-Income Families
  • Dad-Daughter Disconnect: Do Fathers Matter to Girls?
  • The Case of Biology: Hormones and Fathering
  • Fathering Programs
  • Empowering Boys to Become Men of Integrity

December 2007 – Disaster Mental Health

  • From Conflict to the US: Refugee Mental Health
  • Waite House: We Are Family
  • Sow the Seeds: Co-ops, Shoppers, and Community Unite to Assist Farmers
  • Public Health and the Media: An Uneasy Partnership During Disasters
  • The Cost of Caring: Healers’ Healing and Resiliency in the Aftermath of Disaster
  • The Return to Work Post-Disaster: What Can Employers do to Support Employees?
  • Virtual Disaster Exposure and Children’s Mental Health
  • Children and the Media: What Happens When Disasters Unfold in Our Homes?
  • Anticipating the Unthinkable: Emergency Preparedness Online Training

April 2007 – War and Public Health

  • Effects of War on Children’s Mental Health
  • Gender-based Violence During Military Conflict
  • Coming Home From War: The Challenges for Service Members and Their Families
  • Reproductive Health and War
  • The Long-lasting Impact of War on the Environment
  • New Neighbors/Hidden Scars Program of the Center for Victims of Torture

February 2007 – American Indian Health

  • Disparity and Dispossession, Hope and Healing: Health in American Indian Communities
  • Historical Trauma: American Indians Recovering from Abuses of the Past
  • The Challenge of Infant Mortality
  • Health Research in American Indian Communities
  • Indian Parents Program Helps Raise a New Generation
  • Understanding Infant Deaths: The Aberdeen Area Perinatal Infant Mortality Review Committee

October 2006 – Oral Health

  • Can Improving Maternal Oral Health Reduce Preterm Birth?*
  • Changing Policies, Improving Dental Health: Reducing Soft Drink Sales at School
  • Low Income Children Have Difficulty Accessing Dental Care
  • Minnesota Head Start Takes Action for Oral Health
  • Bringing Smiles to Children in St. Paul and Ramsey County

*Updated article on periodontal disease and preterm birth from November 2, 2006 NEJM