TA Overview

TA and consultation involves mutual problem-solving and collaboration on a range of issues, which may include program development, program evaluation, communications and message framing, needs assessment, policy and guidelines formulation, and site visits. Our faculty are active on many state and national committees that impact MCH populations and serve on review/advisory functions. 

Centers of Excellence in MCH Programs provide TA/consultation and subject matter expertise to the MCH field, such as supporting Title V agencies’ needs assessments and advancing selected state and national performance measures. The TA and consultation effort may be a one-time encounter or ongoing activity of brief or extended frequency depending on the needs of the state or organization, and may be geared to the needs of several states or a HRSA region

TA is provided on an individualized basis by Center staff, faculty and/or qualified trainees. Please contact Sara Benning to discuss your needs.

Some select examples of past and present TA include:

Contact us if your organization would like to utilize our expertise.

The WT Grant Foundation put together a great article, Strengthening Research Use through Technical Assistance, to describe co-created and push models of TA. While it’s specific to the Foundation, it does generally capture how we might define TA and describes how we aim to provide assistance to Title V and other professionals.