Letter from the Program Chair


As the incoming Chair for Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Program, I am pleased that you are interested in the field of MCH, and what we have to offer at the University of Minnesota (UMN). We have strong historical underpinnings, as well as a vibrant present day program and set of activities, focused on women, children, fathers and families. We are committed both to the training of new leaders for MCH through our current degree programs, as well as outreach to professionals in the community who are serving MCH populations.

In addition to the standard Masters in Public Health (MPH) degree program, we offer a 42-credit online, advanced standing option and a dual degree option (MPH/MSW and MPH/JD). The standard and advanced standing programs may be completed entirely online, in-person or through a hybrid of the two. For those seeking doctoral level training, we offer a concentration in MCH through the Epidemiology doctoral program.

The UMN is also home to one of thirteen Centers of Excellence (COE) in MCH Education, Science and Practice housed at universities across the US. Funded by the MCH Bureau, COEs are tasked with developing the next generation of MCH professionals through graduate degree programs, and offering continuing professional education, consultation and technical assistance to public health professionals, with a focus on Title V. As you peruse this website, you will see many of the products of these efforts, including monthly MCH and adolescent sexual health eNewsletters, Student Spotlight features, the Center’s active social media channels, Center-sponsored educational events and conferences and much more.

We are proud to be involved with the MCH community working to promote the health and well-being of women, children, youth and families, including fathers and children with special health needs. We work with a superb group of faculty, students and MCH staff here within the Division of Epidemiology at the UMN, as well as with outstanding MCH professionals in the community–including MCH Program alumni. We welcome your interest and would be happy to receive questions and/or feedback about our MCH Program. You can also request MCH Program information here, or by emailing epichstu@umn.edu.

Ellen W. Demerath, PhD

ewd@umn.edu | 612-624-8231