MN Women's Health Report Card

The MN-WHRC is now available! This new resource helps visualize and reflect the
health indicators specific to our state’s unique demographics. The Report Card is
available in English, Hmong, Somali, and Spanish.

2018 MN Women's Health Report Card (MN-WHRC)

Student Spotlight

Check out #UMNMCH Student Spotlight for Mai Vue and Morgan Collins showcasing their experience interning at the Star Legacy Foundation.

Student Spotlight: How Has the MCH Program Prepared Mai Vue and Morgan Collins for their Internship at Star Legacy Foundation?

The Center's Work

What are we working on?

Learn about our mental health efforts, qualitative research "mini-lab", and how
we provide paid opportunities that deploy MCH students to agencies and nonprofits.

National MCH Student Blog

Check out our new blog at! The purpose of this new resource is to help connect MCH students through dialogue, and provide an outlet for students to share their MCH experiences.

MCH National Blog Launch

Our Online MPH Program Ranked #5!

Our UMN online MCH Program was ranked #5 out of all online MPH programs by the Master’s in Public Health Degrees website. Interested in earning your MPH online?
Visit our program page to learn more.

We're #UMNproud!