We're proud to cosponsor this year's Lessons from the Field series Meeting the Needs of Our Transgender Youth,
organized by the UMN Extension Children, Youth & Family Consortium, and taking place at locations across the state.
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Lessons from the Field

What is MCH?

MCH program director Dr. Wendy Hellerstedt says that there's no
simple response! Learn about some of the key elements of the field.

What is Maternal and Child Health?

Inside pages of healthy generations
Healthy Generations

Healthy Generations is published annually. Our current issue, MCH Professionals Making a
Difference in Government, Health Care Services, Research, Policy, and Academia,
is the second
of two volumes featuring the work of our alumni, who are in all kinds of positions and settings.

Healthy Generations Summer 2016

Student Spotlight

How did Tory Bruch support families healing from substance abuse
and trauma? Read our latest Student Spotlight feature.

Student Spotlight

Video: Incarcerated & Pregnant

Our new video Incarcerated & Pregnant: Promoting the Health of Mothers & Babies shares
the effects of prison and jail environments on pregnant women, and innovative efforts
supporting the health of women and their babies. For more info and other resources...

Incarcerated & Pregnant

Want an MPH?

We have one of the oldest, most highly regarded MCH programs
in the nation. Visit our program page to learn more.

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